External Liaison Coordinator for the Graphic Communication Design programme at Central Saint Martins, UAL, and COP26 Project Assistant at UAL’s Climate Emergency Network.

︎   07881 296 154
︎   davidframedesign@gmail.com
︎   @davidframedesign

Clients and collaborators include Global Generation, The Wiener Holocaust Library and Knowledge Quarter.

Copyright © 2021 David Frame


From the Story Garden.

An identity and visual language for a local community outreach project with Global Generation and MAKE @ Story Garden.

Make From Home.

Handout accompanying a bookbinding toolkit distributed to students across the globe.

Entangled Futures.

A collection of posters promoting a series of climate-focused lectures and workshops from UAL’s Climate Emergency Network and London LASER.

Parade for Climate Justice!

A poster promoting the Climate Emergency Network’s parade in response to COP26.

Clinical Trial Identification.

Presenting complex medical information 


Mixed Pickles.

A designed page spread and concept that uses archived documents concerning Jewish refugee internment camps as a means to promote a family writing exercise.

Am I Being Unreasonable?

A poster series that highlights the absurdities of the controversial parenting site Mumsnet.

Did you Hear the One About Socially-Motivated Comedy?

A written report elaborating on how and why I believe social design practitioners should be engaging with comedy as a means to provoke change.


Depth of Field 2020-21.

A virtual lecture series in which guest speakers are invited to talk about their design practice and engage in a Q&A with a live audience.

Better Late Than Never.

A London-based exhibition bringing together the works of 2020 Graphic Communication Design graduates.

GCD News.

As part of my responsibilites within the Graphic Communication Design programme at CSM, I oversee the programme’s weekly newsletter, announcements and comms.

“I Held a Dinner Party in an Elevator for Graphic Design”.

A dinner party held in an elevator providing a satirical commentary on modern-day social interactions.

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PSD mockup of displayed posters. Physical posters have been printed and will be displayed soon.

Am I Being Unreasonable?

A series of posters that explore the comedic qualities of Mumsnet; bringing to light the unusual anagrams that are often used by it’s users. The compositions of each poster are born out of the frequency to which the associated anagram is used. Some of my favourites include NAK, which means “nursing at keyboard”, and SWOI, which translates to “shagging without intent”. These aburd anagrams highlight the light-hearted side of what is otherwise considered to be a controversial, and sometimes borderline offensive, social network.


PSD mockups of displayed posters.