Freelance Graphic Designer and External Liaison Coordinator for the Graphic Communication Design programme at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London.

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Clients include Global Generation, The Wiener Holocaust Library and Knowledge Quarter.

Copyright © 2021 David Frame


“I Held a Dinner Party in an Elevator for Graphic Design”.

A dinner party held in an elevator providing a satirical commentary on modern-day social interactions.

Am I Being Unreasonable?

A poster series that highlights the absurdities of the controversial parenting site Mumsnet.

From the Story Garden.

Identity and visual language of a local community outreach project with Global Generation.

Make From Home.

Designed flyer accompanying a toolkit distributed to Graphic Design students across the globe.

Clinical Trial Identification.

Presentation of serious and complex information regarding clinical trials to everyday audiences.

Typeface: Up&Around.

A kinetic sans-serif display typeface inspired by the movement and shape of calligraphic practices.

︎︎︎ WRITER 

Depth of Field 2020-21.

A virtual lecture series in which guest speakers are invited to talk about their design practice and engage in a Q&A with a live audience.

“I Almost Expect Ian Beale to Walk in”.

A micro-essay found on Tripadvisor that celebrates Britain’s dwindling greasy spoon cafés 

Why you Should go to the Cinema Alone and How to do it. (Seriously).

A humorous article-come-guide that draws comparisons between self-care and going to the cinema alone.

Did you Hear the One About Socially-Motivated Comedy?

A written report elaborating on how and why I believe social design practitioners should be engaging with comedy as a means to provoke change.


Mixed Pickles.

A designed page spread and concept that uses archived documents concerning Jewish refugee internment camps as a means to promote a family writing exercise.

GCD News.

As part of my responsibilites within the Graphic Communication Design programme at CSM, I oversee the programme’s weekly newsletter, announcements and comms.

Better Late Than Never.

A London-based physical exhibition (and online events) bringing together the works of 2020 Graphic Communication Design graduates. The event, which is to be held in August of this year, is being designed, curated and coordinated by a small group alumni (including myself) in partnership with Argent and CSM.

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Social media marketing / Public view of the live-streamed lecture / Accompanying website

Depth of Field 2020-21.

An online public lecture series that aims to question some of the most prevelent issues faced within the Graphic Communication Design industry. Coordinated by myself and others, we invite two guest speakers to present their unique perspectives and engage in a live Q&A discussion. The 2020/2021 series included speakers such as Kelly Walters and Gemma Copeland, in addition to organisations such as NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Climate Outreach, Design Observer and Thames & Hudson.

This project could not have happened without Rebecca Ross (Project Leader), Jacob Watmore (Events Coordinator), and Jake Dow-Smith (Web Designer). 

2020 - 2021

Lecture with NASA JPL and Climate Outreach

Top image credit: London Centre for Book Arts

Make From Home.

As a Central Saint Martins graduate, I was asked to design a small handout that would be distributed to Graphic Communication Design students alongside a selection of provided tools and equipment. The design uses abstract shapes that represent the contents of the toolkit. The use of colour, shape and gravity suggest a sense of playfulness in keeping with the nature of Make From Home and the equipment included in the initiative.

148 X 210 MM

A5 flyer (front and back). Including information about the scheme and contents page

Front cover of Playground / Mixed Pickles activity page spread

Mixed Pickles.

Inspired by historical documents from Jewish refugee camps, this page-spread and activity encourages a therapeutic writing exercise aimed at vulnerable families. Born out of a collaboration between Knowledge Quarter and The Wiener Holocaust Library, the project was included as part of Playground; an annual zine in which I also contributed to the design and manufacture.

With thanks to Sam Oates, Barbara Warnock, Yukari Ono and Abbie Vickress.

176 X 250 MM

Example of activity card / Assembly instructions

From the Story Garden.

Yukari Ono and I collaborated with Make @ Story Garden and Global Generation in the development of a visual language and brand/identity for this London-based community outreach initiative. The campaign, headed by a small public garden centred in the Kings Cross area, was launched as a response to the COVID-19 lockdown. The initiative aimed to bring the garden into the homes of vulnerable families; providing light entertainment and healthy exercises.

With thanks to Yukari Ono (Co-Designer), Georgia Jacob, Martina Mina and Kiloran O’Leary.

POSTER: 297 X 420 MM

Poster design / Folds to create a Japanese style envelope for delivery into local residents’ homes

GCD Newsletter and announcements on various devices

GCD News.

Operating within the Graphic Communication Design programme at CSM, I produce announcements and weekly newsletters that are distributed to a mailing list of students, alumni, staff and industry. Curated and edited by myself, the newsletter traditionally includes highlights, events, opportunities and news stories. 

2020 - 2021